Tips of solid wood laminate

Advantages of solid wood laminate

Because the solid wood multi-layer board is pressed with uniform plywood, it is made of multi-layer solid wood board with good structural stability, small deformation, high strength, good internal quality and good flatness It is required to produce 5-40mm laminates of different thicknesses.

After the melamine finish, the surface of the board has a natural and real wood texture and feel, which can give consumers more choices. The solid wood multi-layer board is not easy to be deformed in the pressing process, and the advantage of the quality is solved, and the deformation defect of the solid wood board which is easily affected by the dry and wet weather is solved in the internal stress.

The strength of solid wood laminates is related to its base layer. For each additional layer, its strength will increase accordingly, and of course its price will increase accordingly.

In the production process, polymer glue is used. After high temperature and high pressure and PVC are sealed around the edge, the formaldehyde emission of the plate meets the national standard requirements and is environmentally friendly.

Solid wood multi-layer board combines the advantages of MDF and particle board. The structure of MDF is stable, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, light-weight of particle board, easy to move, and difficult to process without solid wood. Installed, not susceptible to the environment. The disadvantage of solid wood multi-layer boards is that since the production cost is higher than that of the density board, the price is also higher than that of the density board.

Disadvantages of solid wood laminate

The solid wood multi-layer blister is not repairable after damage, and the foot feel is also poor. Compared with other materials, solid wood multi-layer boards need to be taken care of, usually pay attention to love, waterproof and anti-scalding and anti-sunlight; solid wood multi-layer boards have fewer and fewer resources, the price is getting higher and higher, and it is easily deformed by the environment.

Post time: Sep-16-2019

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