Joy Sea Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Korea plywood export business completed

Joy Sea Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. has been scheduled to export to the plywood business factory exported to South Korea on May 22nd and will be delivered at the Qingdao Port on June 20th. All customs declaration documents have been prepared and will be completed. The goods are delivered to the customer before they arrive in Hong Kong. Prior to this, Joy Sea Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. and Korean plywood customers had many exchanges and related matters on export business. The customers sent samples, and we copied them and sent them to confirm the goods.
In order to further strengthen the friendly cooperation between China and South Korea in the new situation, jointly address the challenges of economic globalization and seek common development, the China-South Korea Trade Forum will be held on November 22, 2018, under the joint initiative of the China-ROK Business Association. On the 23rd, it was held in Weihai, Shandong. The main purpose of this forum is to enhance the level of trade facilitation between China and South Korea and promote a closer, mutually beneficial and win-win Sino-Korean trade relationship under the new situation. To explore the establishment of a regular meeting mechanism for government departments such as customs, inspection and quarantine, and to promote further friendly exchanges between trade enterprises and non-governmental trade associations of the two countries in practice to explore the training mechanism for customs personnel in the two countries.
The “Forum” covers the analysis of the macroeconomic and trade situation of the two countries, the FTA planning of China and South Korea, the investment of South Korea in China, the opportunities of cross-border e-commerce in China and South Korea, the customs clearance of food, medicine and aquatic products, with particular emphasis on the deep interpretation of the policy level and the effective resolution of the two countries. The difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in trade have strengthened the exchange of experience with Korean companies and private business associations.
After a series of work on the cooperation, the confirmation of specific business processes, the formation of orders, and the production of products, the two parties successfully completed the production of two 20-foot container cargoes at the Korean plant. Prior to this ticket business, Joysea Trading Co., Ltd. has had many trading experience with Korean customers. In the future, the economic and trade company will carry out import and export trade of more industrial products in the Japanese and Korean markets.
This cooperation has benefited a lot, and laid a good foundation for the company’s future brand and product promotion in the Japanese and Korean markets, which has enabled the company to increase its market competitiveness.

Post time: Jul-11-2019

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