Joy Sea Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Cambodia plate export business completed

Joy Sea Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., which was exported to Cambodia on August 25, has been delivered at Qingdao Port. The cooperative factory will pick up the goods in the warehouse in September. All preliminary preparations have been completed and the contract process and agreement have been improved. Prior to this, Joy sea Trading Co., Ltd. and Cambodian plate customers had many exchanges and related matters on export business. The customers sent samples, and we confirmed the goods after passing the inspection.
In recent years, China’s relations with Cambodia have continued to improve. The two countries have carried out pragmatic cooperation in many fields around the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative. For Cambodia, infrastructure cooperation under the “Belt and Road” framework will provide new kinetic energy for its national economic growth. China and Cambodia have carried out all-round and multi-level cooperation in the field of infrastructure construction. The Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone jointly developed by the two countries has attracted more than 100 international companies to settle in and created more than 10,000 jobs. Chinese companies have signed a contract with the Cambodian government to build a new airport in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to the Westport Expressway in BOT; banks such as Bank of China are new to Sihanouk Power Plant, Lower Sanchez Hydropower Station, Cambodia Petrochemical Company Refinery, etc. The project provides financing services. The infrastructure investment brought by the “Belt and Road” will play an important role in the long-term stable growth of the Cambodian economy.
The key to solving the economic structure of Cambodia is to realize the transformation and upgrading of its own industry, and the “One Belt, One Road” initiative complements Cambodia’s “2015-2025 Industrial Development Plan”. The high complementarity between China and Cambodia in the field of capacity cooperation provides more cooperation for the two sides. More likely. In recent years, in addition to a number of capacity cooperation and exchange activities, a number of key capacity cooperation projects in China and Cambodia have made significant progress. For example, the acquisition of Zhuo Redding Cement Company by Huaxin Cement Plant has made initial progress in the construction of the Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone.
After a series of work on the cooperation, the confirmation of specific business processes, the formation of orders, and the production of products, the two parties successfully completed the production of a 20-foot container cargo at the Cambodian factory. Prior to this ticket business, Joy sea Trading Co., Ltd. has had many trading experience with Cambodian customers. In the future, the economic and trade company will carry out import and export trade of more industrial products in the Southeast Asian market.
This cooperation has benefited a lot and laid a good foundation for the company’s future brand and product promotion in the Southeast Asian market, which has increased the market competitiveness of the company.

Post time: Sep-27-2019

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